How to deal with an asthma attack?

que es el asma | crisis asmaticaHow to deal with an asthma attack?. A flare is a sudden worsening of symptoms of respiratory distress …
There are certain points that every asthmatic and asthmatic child every mother should know:

Plan of action: (to have a plan of action brings a little peace, we all know that the despair only aggravates the symptoms.)
Know your symptoms: (It is known that asthma is, able to identify in advance that things are going to be complicated and take the necessary precautions)
Know your peak flow (the gadget, called the peak flow meter is widely used today, gives a measurable information on the severity of the crisis)
Know your medicines as there are for the time of the crisis, before the meeting and thereafter.  Recognize early warning signs
there are certain indicators of severity that we should not fail to take into account.
Identify where we will be able to handle the crisis at home and when we have to go to the hospital or especialized center. Understand your asthma care plan to prevent an asthma attack:
All who have asthma should have a plan of action, as it is essential to prevent worsening of your symptoms and attacks, the doctor’s hand is possible to determine all these points and when we go from one stage of gravity to another, to know where we stand.

Most plans have three components:
1 – Stage of gravity – identified by the peak expiratory flow rate (this is where we use the peak flow meter peak.) Actually you can ignore it, because the gravity of the crisis on a symptomatic disease such as this is quite easy to spot.
2. A list of symptoms to which special attention (as they indicate gravity appear)
3. Specific actions to perform based on peak flow or symptoms

Make sure you understand the plan and not be afraid to ask questions. Make sure the people who care for child (if he be the patient) and his school have well understood the care plan.
Know your asthma symptoms asthma attack:
Each person with asthma is different. Some have frequent attacks, while others are spending long periods between attacks. You must control your asthma symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing.
Que es el asma - Crisis asmática
Know your peak flow peak:
This gadget, as I said before is very helpful, it is becoming more used and others are very cheap, is the key to determine how your asthma is behaving and prevent attacks. The same will tell you how well you are breathing and their use is a key part of asthma care plan.
If the peak flow numbers are declining, your asthma is getting worse and we must act quickly to avoid an asthma attack. It is necessary to provide the medications as instructed in the care plan to stop asthma symptoms and prevent asthma attacks.

Know your medications:
Understand the purpose of each drug in the treatment of asthma is very important because some drugs are designed to relieve acute asthma symptoms and asthma attacks and others for long-term control of asthma. Taking a long-term beta agonist (medication for long-term control) during an acute attack of asthma may actually lead to worsening of asthma.
In the asthma care plan will be very clear that taking medications according to peak flow and other symptoms.

Learn to recognize the early warning signs of worsening asthma and asthma attacks
As a parent of a child with asthma or a person with asthma, it is important to recognize and address early warning signs of an asthma attack. Proper management from the outset in an asthma attack can save a stay in the emergency room, admission to the hospital or worse.

In general, early warning signs of worsening asthma and asthma attacks include:
• A fall in peak expiratory flow rate
• Increased cough
Chest tightness
• Difficulty performing normal daily activities
• Individual factors that are observed over time that indicate worsening asthma or an asthma attack

When you develop these symptoms need to be aware that we are in a dangerous area, it is time to act. This is where we need to put in motion the machinery previously thought (an extra dose of Ventolin or other beta two agonist, intramuscular corticosteroids if no answer, etc.).. The asthma care plan will have instructions on how to proceed and when to call your doctor.
When symptoms are identified and treated early, improve both the peak flow and symptoms. However, we obviously have to have a plan if symptoms do not subside.
Be sure to discuss your asthma care plan with your doctor. If you or your child have frequent need to intensify the treatment of asthma due to worsening symptoms or peak flow, or frequency of asthma attacks increase, we are faced with signs of poor control and need to rethink the way that is treating the disease.

Que es el asma - Crisis asmáticaIdentify the indications for emergency care:
One of the most important skills a patient or parent of a child with asthma should have, is knowing when we can not do anything else at home, and we need to call our doctor, or head to a place where they have the necessary means to give the attack.

The following symptoms are signs that you or your child has to call the doctor or go to an emergency facility:

• Wheezing occurring both on inspiration as you exhale.
• A cough that has become continuous
Shortness of breath (more than what is in general)
• tachypnea or rapid breathing
• retraction of the skin (the skin over the clavicle or abdomen sink to inspire)
• Breathing very short and choppy
• Difficulty speaking in full sentences finish
• Pale
• Too much anxiety
• Lips or fingernails (cyanosis)
• Disturbance of consciousness (when the asthma is as you sleep but is very agitated)

If you or your child has any of these symptoms, are facing a serious crisis, should take immediate action, which also includes calling a physician. Make sure you have emergency numbers and details of who to contact in an emergency situation in a readily identifiable as a refrigerator or in a conspicuous place is also a good idea to bring this information with you.

When asthma is under control, should be free of asthma symptoms and be able to do most normal activities. Early identification and action to an asthma attack and worsening of asthma symptoms and prevent complications frequent visits to the emergency. 




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